Both my parents are from Uganda, and as a kid I heard so many stories of their lives growing up in East Africa. I am always in awe when I hear his stories. It just seems like an extraordinary life that they had lived growing up in East Africa and eventually finding their way here, to Canada. We've always talked about planning a trip to go back and see the lands where they grew up, where they were educated and where they started their young adult lives. Initially it was planned as a graduation trip after university. But once I realized how crippling my student debt was, I wanted to wait until I was more financially stable before I went. Then it became this very big deal to me - I wanted to treat my dad to a retirement trip and show him that all of his years of hard work raising me had resulted creating a somewhat cool human being, that would do something so astonishing like this and to have a truly once of a lifetime opportunity to share in the experiences that my parents had growing up.

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