Not Your Average Designer

A multi-faceted designer with a unique array of experience
Formally Trained

Before Farah could walk she was drawing, sketching and painting. That creative talent lead her to formal artistic training in Visual Arts & Graphic Design at the secondary and post-secondary levels, respectively.

Bona fide Typographic Nerd

Farah took an early interest in typography. From legibility concerns to typography as a creative art piece, Farah has a seriously frightening knowledge for all things related to fonts.

Award-Winning & Published

Having received international recognition for her typographic work, Farah has been published in many design magazines, books & articles across the globe, along with winning several awards.

Jack Of All Trades

Not only is Farah a detail-oriented UX/graphic designer, but she also minored in the sciences. Having a keen interest in psychology & biochemistry, Farah has formal training in both sides of her field.

Technologically Diverse

Over the years, Farah has gained a lot of experience working with all types of technologies, devices and platforms. Whether it is responsive design, front-end development or wireframing - Farah has the training.

Health Care to High Fashion

Farah has worked with clients in all type of industries; with clients in fashion, insurance, oil/mining, health care, automotive, etc., Farah has a diverse client portfolio & is always eager to learn about their users.

The Design Process

How UI artistry meets experience crafts(wo)manship
  • 1


    Define the problem. Complete research & analysis.

  • 2


    Brainstorm, explore, prototype & analyze solutions.

  • 3


    Craft a design solution & validate with testing/feedback.

  • 4


    Create style guide/UI library & establish front-end styling

  • 5


    Once testing is complete, push product to market.

Years Designing
Cups of Coffee
Continents Explored
Photos Taken

Experienced On Several Platforms

Whether it’s web, print, mobile or even sculptural, Farah has built it

In the early days, Farah worked with traditional artistic methods. Starting with drawing, Farah built her fundamental skill set on visual design principles. Drawing lead to painting, sculpture, photography, fashion design & graphic design.

Farah chose to focus her university studies on graphic design to build on her traditional artistic skill set. Typography, information design, communication design, web design and editorial design and other such courses culminated in print, web and video work. This work created in university lead her to exploring an array of professional experiences, which lead to user experience design.

As a UX/UI designer, Farah has gained experience working across all platforms:
web, mobile, public-facing, internal-enterprise facing, etc. Being technologically agnostic, Farah has developed user interfaces and applications in both hybrid & native mobile frameworks as well as multiple web frameworks.


Just a little peak into some of the work Farah has created
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  • Fashion
  • Branding
  • Typography


Some of Farah’s most recent thoughts, photos and designs